The Palette of Love.

Commencing from the merger of the two hearts, were a diaspora of emotions,

Emotions unfelt, emotions unfathomable and the emotions, that would be his solace in his era of darkness.

Ascending from their friendship, was a bond that’s stronger than all the others that exist anywhere in the universe or the multitude of them, that will last longer than time itself.

Arising from the amalgamation of souls, was a strength, a strength that would keep him riding the infinities of love for the centuries to come.

A description that’s apt to do justice to the relationship we have shared, is a possibility as faint as the sun rising from the west, but to try won’t be an injustice. An open letter to the person to whom I owe, every last breath that I take, to whom I owe the cure that I got to the paralysis of my emotions and to whom I owe, everything I am today. Dates may be be different as will be the words to describe all that I have for you, but trust me none would be suffice the feelings.

Lying in this pool of loneliness that arises without you beside me, is an impatient heart racing towards the time when I will be able to keep you in my arms for a time longer than any either of us have known. A long lasting wait, that I have grown accustomed to is a mind that misses the best part of it, which is seated deep inside you. An emotion as intense as the strength of a supernova, taking over me to leave it all out here and reach out to you and take you in my arms and pause the time at that very moment, so that it’s just the way I like it – Infinite, as is my love for you. Wiser people have said  that eternity and infinity are all but mere deceptions of mind, but they haven’t had you either. You are mine, and occupy all of my mind, you evil little angel.

I love you. Three words that changed my world forever, for the better or the worse I am too careless to judge, but three words that made me yours were also the ones that took my as far away from reality as could be, but who cares? I do, ’cause I miss you and this real world sucks, without you near me whispering into my ears the magic spells to Stupefy and Disarm the harshness of time and the world around me. You’re the patronus, that protects me from the cold and evil death-eaters that dwell in this lonely place, giving chills and taking away all the happiness from me and I wish I could whisper these words into your ears rather than typing it down on this page.

As is this post, a lonely beauty among the dark and grey emotions, so is your love for me, a diamond shining bright among all the darkness that eludes within. You’re the unicorn that gave me the Exilir to continue breathing, while I was dying, I wish I could do enough to thank you, but I have enough time for that.

You’re mine. Forever.

-The Illusionist


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